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Welcome to The New Zealand Business Council

"Proudly Kiwi in nature, nurturing business through connections"

The New Zealand Business Council (NZBC) is a not-for-profit business group. It has been established specifically to help grow and nurture personal and professional relationships among our members and alongside New Zealand owned or operated companies in Dubai and the Northern Emirates.
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The New Zealand Business Council is a nonprofit organisation that helps grow and nurture professional relationships among members. Sponsorship is an important factor that enables us to continuously provide quality service to our community.



Membership affords you the opportunity to network and connect with like-minded businesspeople across the region. We offer individual and corporate membership options and membership for those based overseas but doing business in the UAE.
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As a not for profit organisation, sponsorship is an important factor to enable the NZBC to continuously provide a quality service to the NZBC community.
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Our  Board

All roles on the Administrative Board are voluntary and each member elected to the board undertakes to commit to this role as an active and participating member and with the best interests of the Members as a top priority.
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To offer our members a platform to exchange information and experiences and to communicate and interact with public and private entities and persons in the UAE by means of meetings, gatherings, seminars, conferences, receptions and other events.

To promote New Zealand commercial and business interests in the UAE and encourage economic and commercial activities, investments and other initiatives between New Zealand and UAE.

To encourage
mutual awareness, exchange of information and cultural cooperation between the UAE and New Zealand.

To contribute
to the development of mutual commercial, economic, cultural, technical, and sporting relationships between New Zealand and the UAE.

To organise
events to reinforce and improve the image of New Zealand in the UAE.

In general,
any other lawful activity related to the promotion of business and or cultural ties between the UAE and New Zealand.


 We’d love to hear from you!  
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